It all adds up!

Physical activity (at least 30 minutes most days for adults and 60 minutes every day for kids) is crucial for good health. Physical activity is especially important for children if they are to grow into healthy adults. Getting active now will benefit them throughout their lives.

This site is for those of us who think our family’s lifestyles could be healthier than they are now. It will help you incorporate enough activity into your everyday lives for better health.

Remember, whatever you can manage to fit in, it all adds up!

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Some winter days can be nice and crisp, but if the weather is bad and you don’t fancy walking or cycling, this might be good time to check out your local swimming pool, as well as any other activities offered by your leisure centre. When choosing Christmas presents for the kids, try to choose gifts that encourage physical activity rather than video games or DVDs. Physical activity can help chase the winter blues away, and you’ll all feel and look better when spring comes around.